Yoga for writers and other creators

Hey all you NaNoWriMo scribes, and everyone else who’s creating with your bare hands! If you’re feeling tight, sore, or tense from hunching over your words or images, here’s a yoga video I found really helpful from Yoga with Adriene. She labels it for musicians, but I think it works for anyone making beautiful things (special […]

My poems in Stinkwaves Magazine!

I’m happy to announce two of my poems for kids are available in the Spring 2017 issue of Stinkwaves Magazine! I was really excited to find a YA magazine devoted to speculative fiction, poetry, and art. They’re also engaged in building a community of writers and artists, including young and up-and-coming creators, through the magazine […]

Sustainable Arts Foundation awards

Hey parent-artists! Have you applied for the Sustainable Arts Foundation award yet? The deadline is tomorrow, Sept 2, at 5 pm Pacific time. The organization offers one award of $6,000 and five awards of $2,000 each fall and spring to writers and visual artists who are parents. How cool is that? Go to their website […]

More inspiration

I was in a funk. I’m banging away at this book, and I love the process, and feel like I’m making progress, but the sense of “what’s the point” looms large lately. Usually, it’s just a little whisper in the back of the mind, easily ignored. But it’s getting louder. Does it mean I’m closer […]

Inspiration when you least expect it

I wasn’t looking for a new story idea. A friend invited my kids and me to a gallery exhibit called “Kate Clark: Mysterious Presence” at Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane after school. (My friend’s an artist; she does stuff like take her kids to galleries after school.) My kids were into it, and it was […]