My poems in Stinkwaves Magazine!

I’m happy to announce two of my poems for kids are available in the Spring 2017 issue of Stinkwaves Magazine! I was really excited to find a YA magazine devoted to speculative fiction, poetry, and art. They’re also engaged in building a community of writers and artists, including young and up-and-coming creators, through the magazine […]

Sustainable Arts Foundation awards

Hey parent-artists! Have you applied for the Sustainable Arts Foundation award yet? The deadline is tomorrow, Sept 2, at 5 pm Pacific time. The organization offers one award of $6,000 and five awards of $2,000 each fall and spring to writers and visual artists who are parents. How cool is that? Go to their website […]

More inspiration

I was in a funk. I’m banging away at this book, and I love the process, and feel like I’m making progress, but the sense of “what’s the point” looms large lately. Usually, it’s just a little whisper in the back of the mind, easily ignored. But it’s getting louder. Does it mean I’m closer […]

Inspiration when you least expect it

I wasn’t looking for a new story idea. A friend invited my kids and me to a gallery exhibit called “Kate Clark: Mysterious Presence” at Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane after school. (My friend’s an artist; she does stuff like take her kids to galleries after school.) My kids were into it, and it was […]