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Journey to the Center of the Desk

Wacky, fast-paced, early middle-grade novel for ages 7 to 10: Harriet the Spy as if written by Tom Angleberger.

Stuck in tech-phobic Pencilvania, STEM whiz kid “Carrot” Campbell vows to be a P.E.S.T. (Pencilvania Elementary Scientific Threat). When she discovers a teacher’s unbelievable secret that could destroy the school, and perhaps the town, she must decide what’s more important: pursuing her dream of becoming a scientist or saving a town she despises?


Letter from the Beast

Short story that imagines the real-life people from 16th century France who inspired the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. What would you do if you woke up married to what appears to be a monster?

The Beastly Beauty

Based on historical people, places, and events, The Beastly Beauty is an early middle-grade fantasy for ages 7-10 that reimagines fairy tales in the vein of the Magic Treehouse or Fantastic Frame series.


My Grandma, the Alien

In the sweet, lighthearted picture book, a child believes that Grandma is from outer space. Why else would she smush bananas into the radiator? Mom and Dad try to explain, but the young child is convinced Grandma is an alien sent to study their family.

When Grandma puts on her cape and announces she’s going home, the child eagerly awaits the spaceship with her. Together, Grandma and grandchild eventually redefine what it means to be family—and to be home.

An author’s note offers additional information to help children demystify dementia, as well as a few resources. I was inspired to write “My Grandma, the Alien” after observing family members with young children handle a grandparent’s memory loss with gentleness and humor, always emphasizing compassion and family connection.

Comparable books include Max Wallack’s Why Did Grandma Put Her Underwear in the Refrigerator? and Julia Jarmon’s Lovely Old Lion.

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