Fond farewell to Literary Mama

This month is the first in almost nine years that I haven’t helped to prepare the September issue of Literary Mama. This summer, I handed the Poetry Editor reins to my talented colleague and poetic co-conspirator Juli Anna Herndon so I could pursue a writing career. The Poetry department, and the overall site, is in…Continue reading Fond farewell to Literary Mama

Book review: Body, In Good Light by Erin Rodoni

In keeping with April’s theme as National Poetry Month, I’m happy to review a lovely book of poetry by a former colleague of mine at Literary Mama, Erin Rodoni. Erin was the assistant editor in poetry at LM until she had the double good fortune of giving birth to her second child and seeing her…Continue reading Book review: Body, In Good Light by Erin Rodoni

Happy National Poetry Month!

We’re celebrating at Literary Mama! Five fresh poems contemplate the writer’s life, from creating our own language, watching our children make their mark, to reimagining a poetic (and cultural) icon.  This group speaks to my heart; I am always partial to writing about writing. Alphabet for the Stay-at-Home Parent by Jennifer O’Grady The body’s deepest…Continue reading Happy National Poetry Month!

Poems to love

This February’s poetry on Literary Mama seeks the sublime in the everyday. In “A Good Day,” Heather Taylor Johnson asks, “Are you aware outside the sun yawns?” Ashleigh Brown explains in “Cold Coffee” that “A woman drinks cold coffee because / the daily prayers of tangled laundry and crumpled homework are / sacred.”

January issue of Literary Mama

Attention parents of boys: January’s poems, published in Literary Mama today, feature stages of raising sons, from Julie Stotz-Ghosh showing her infant his First Snow to Rebecca Lanning speaking To My Son on the Morning of his Scholastic Aptitude Test. From toy trains to Bottlecaps, the relationship mothers share with sons as they grow into men…Continue reading January issue of Literary Mama