Poems to love

This February’s poetry on Literary Mama seeks the sublime in the everyday.

In “A Good Day,” Heather Taylor Johnson asks, “Are you aware outside the sun yawns?”

Ashleigh Brown explains in “Cold Coffee” that “A woman drinks cold coffee because / the daily prayers of tangled laundry and crumpled homework are / sacred.”

Woman’s Work” for Danelle Lejeune entails “swinging / the scythe back and forth through air / and tall grass.”

And even the playground can inspire, as Heather Angier demonstrates in “Yard Duty“:


sweat-glittered body



under a punishing sun—

I’m particularly proud of this issue, as it is the first one I curated on my own. From theme to selecting individual poems, this represents a labor of love. Let these four poets offer a way of looking at the places we visit daily as miraculous in their own ways.


Please enjoy, and let the poets know how their poems affected the way you view your day.