Elsewhere Studios, here we come!

Excited!! My July residency at Elsewhere Studios begins soon, and the whole family will be coming along! This is my–and Elsewhere’s–inaugural parent residency, so it will be a great adventure to discover where families and art intersect. Here’s a little description from Elsewhere about their plans for us in July:

July is a very special month where we are specifically hosting residency opportunities for parent artists. What does this mean? Well, made possible through a grant from the Sustainable Arts Foundation, we were able to shorten our residency periods and offer a free and stipended residency for artists with children. They have the opportunity to bring their family for collaboration! We are so excited for this opportunity and the artists that are coming.

A short list of the other artists who will be attending in July:

  • Eric McMaster whose “works take form as performances, images, objects, and/or installations.”
  • Ukhona Ntsali Mlandu, a “queer radikal feminist, African Spiritual Healer and Ideas Engineer from South Africa” whose “art practice involves site-specific work and writing.”
  • María Velasco who “creates site-specific environments, participatory projects, and public art interventions in national and international venues.”
  • Brigid McAuliffe, who “makes photographs, video, music and ceramics to inquire and bring forward poetic stories of the everyday.”
  • Ellen Shattuck Pierce, who “teaches art to elementary students and works in her studio” in Boston.

I am so looking forward to getting to know the other artists who will be on site at the same time, as well as the opportunity to reinvent my novel in a new setting. My whole family is thrilled to explore everything Paonia, Colorado has to offer. We are so grateful to Elsewhere Studios for this amazing opportunity. Updates soon!

And if you are a writer, artist, scientist, musician, or otherwise intrigued by the possibilities of an artistic residency, apply for one! Next deadline is July 7th!