A Q&A with mother-artists

Join me on Saturday April 10 at 11am CDT for a screening of All of Me: Artists + Mothers, a short, award-winning documentary by my friend Maria Velasco (that I’m in!).

I’ll be participating in the Q&A with the director and some of the other artists as part of an international exhibition called If Not Now, When? by the social artists’ enterprise Spilt Milk.

Spilt Milk is an organization based in Scotland that highlights and supports artists who are mothers. Here’s their description of the exhibition: “If not now, when? is a two-part virtual exhibition curated by Spilt Milk, presenting the work of over 40 international women and non-binary artists who identify as mothers. Launching on International Women’s Day (March 8th), part one of the exhibition explores the impact of the pandemic on mothers’ emotional, physical and psychological wellbeing, while part two is a call-to-action toward a post-pandemic world free of oppression.”

And here’s a short description of the film: “All of Me: Artists+Mothers features four women whose divergent life circumstances have led them to negotiate their role as mothers and artists very differently. Battling impostor syndrome, juggling the stigma of single parenting, refusing traditional child-rearing roles in a markedly patriarchal world are some of the experiences they share in common, besides arriving at the tiny town of Paonia to spend a few weeks at Elsewhere Studios to make new creative works.”

Join us on April 10th to be part of the discussion, for the opportunity to watch the full 15 minute documentary and to hear from some of the artists. Some of the topics we’ll discuss include: How has the pandemic affected mother-artists’ ability to create art? What does the future of family residencies look like? Have the extreme circumstances of the past year opened up possibilities or freedoms for artist-mothers?

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