Cultivating hygge

Have you heard of hygge? It’s the Danish art/practice/culture of coziness and comfort, and apparently it’s hot, hot, hot right now. The adjective is hyggelig, as in, “Gee those slippers look hyggelig!”


Because honestly, who doesn’t love candles, and warm socks, and snuggly blankets, and police procedurals about serial killers? (Well, I guess I did love The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.)

It’s pretty easy to make fun of, I suppose, but I’m into it. I like the idea of staying home with my family, eating popcorn and watching movies under a supersoft blanket from Grandma Flory. Even on New Year’s Eve, my spouse and I watched New Orleans revelers party in the rain–from the comfort of our couch, hot toddies in hand. (We did reminisce about the days when we were in the Quarter, in the rain, on New Year’s Eve…been there, did that.)

And I LOVE that it’s pronounced HOO-gah. Oh yeah, gimme some of that!

So if there’s an awesome-sounding name–indeed an entire culture–for something that feels comfortable and right, I’m on board.

Just call it introvert paradise and hand me my slippers.