Book review: Shirley Jackson, A Rather Haunted Life

I just finished Ruth Franklin’s marvelous biography Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life, which would make a great gift for writer-mamas. Best known for her short story “The Lottery,” Jackson wrote six novels–one of which was nominated for a National Book Award and another made into a movie–five story collections, four children’s books, and two…Continue reading Book review: Shirley Jackson, A Rather Haunted Life

Book review: The books of Crystal Allen

If you like character-driven, middle-grade fiction about realistic kids of color doing real things–with a lot of humor and learning-from-mistakes–check out Crystal Allen’s wonderful books. When I attended the SCBWI Houston conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Crystal and having her review my manuscript. Her advice has been incredibly helpful, and I’m hoping it’s…Continue reading Book review: The books of Crystal Allen

Birth Writes anthology has arrived!

Update 12/12/17: Birth Writes, A Collection of Real Life Birth Stories, published in December 2016 and is available through Amazon! Check out this amazing collection featuring not only my birth-in-exile story, but also wonderful work from talented writers such as Caroline Grant and Suzanne Kamata, my former colleagues at Literary Mama. Great gift for the…Continue reading Birth Writes anthology has arrived!

Book review: I Am Jazz

Banned books stun me. Seriously? We’re still doing this? When I read about a school in Wisconsin cancelling an author’s reading–of a PICTURE BOOK–for fear of lawsuits, and then 600 people packed a library a week later to hear that author read, I knew I had to check out this book. I Am Jazz by Jessica…Continue reading Book review: I Am Jazz

Book review: One Crazy Summer

Rita Williams Garcia’s One Crazy Summer hooked me right away. Narrator Delphine, a spunky 11-year-old girl, travels across the country with her sisters to see their mother, but spends her summer at a Black Panther camp for kids in 1960s Oakland, California.