I’m a mentee!

I just received word that I was accepted as a mentee to the 2017 RUCCL One-on-One Plus Conference! The Rutgers Council on Children’s Literature accepts a limited number of applicants for one-on-one mentoring with an author, editor, or agent (and for illustrators, art directors and published illustrators). I love this idea! Forty-five minutes to talk…Continue reading I’m a mentee!

On meeting Angie Thomas

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give, at our local SCBWI LA/MS JambaLAya conference. As you can see, I was fangirling a little bit, and I hadn’t even read her book yet! I still regret not making intelligent conversation at the signing or later,…Continue reading On meeting Angie Thomas

JambaLAya Kidlit Festival tomorrow!

Exciting! I’m attending the LA/MS SCBWI children’s literature festival here in New Orleans tomorrow! AND I might get a chance to meet the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Angie Thomas! Ms. Thomas is a guest author at the conference, offering her insight into writing and publishing her first book. Her story is…Continue reading JambaLAya Kidlit Festival tomorrow!

JambaLAya Kidlit Festival in New Orleans

I just signed up for the New Orleans SCBWI JambaLAya Kidlit Conference! Have you? Early bird pricing is in effect until the end of January–a great deal for a conference! Diversity scholarships are available, too. AND there are manuscript / portfolio consultations, plus a dinner. It’s going to be great! I’ve gotten to know the…Continue reading JambaLAya Kidlit Festival in New Orleans

Surrender to the Story: SCBWI Houston conference 2016

Conferences are funny things. So many hungry writers and illustrators, so few gatekeepers standing between us and publishing nirvana. Part of the point is to meet people who might help on your career path. I printed out business cards but only gave out a couple. Schmoozing is not my forte! But I did have great…Continue reading Surrender to the Story: SCBWI Houston conference 2016