Festing At Home

Mango Freeze, from NOLA Weekend

With Jazz Fest canceled this year, I’m joining the rest of New Orleans (and outta town Jazz Fest fans) with WWOZ’s JazzFesting at Home. I’ve got the radio going, made a batch of Rosemint iced tea, and am planning/hoping to make some Jama Jama and plantains like the ones from Bennachin. Maybe even to find some Mango Freeze at Rouse’s? I’m browsing these recipes, too, for some other favorites that I might be able to adapt vegetarian-style.

In the meantime, here’s a poem I wrote celebrating one of my favorite Jazz Fest memories. Here’s to making more, at home or in person, someday.

Patti Smith at Jazz Fest, 2013

“You are never forgotten, and the sun will shine again.” –Patti Smith to New Orleans audience

Aged punks in plastic raincoats
shiver under tempestuous skies
as guitars crackle, bass thunders,
and the voice of our anarchic priestess

invokes the sun. People have the power,
she cries, golden boot on amp.
Remember Johnny and the horses!
She lifts her arms, demanding angels,

and we remember our arms,
our angels. The electric clouds,
astonished by our ferocity,
rumble away like glorious horses

leaving us to shine.