Top 5 Cool Things About Oral Surgery

  1. A whole bowl of homemade chocolate-chia pudding ALL FOR ME.
  2. Jammies all weekend.
  3. Total. Netflix. Domination.
  4. “Don’t ask me. Can’t talk. Dad’s in charge.”
  5. Never had IV anesthesia before and I love new experiences!
  6. BONUS: As Nora Ephron said, It’s all copy. (Just wait for my next book, Dental Adventures!)

Ugh. Today I visit the oral surgeon in the first step of getting an implant to replace the cracked tooth I had removed last year. That was such an ordeal, it’s taken me this long to fix the big hole in my mouth. But the dentist said I needed to do something or my bite would be affected long term, and I’m tired of looking like a jack o’ lantern, and we have relatively decent insurance, so…trying to look on the bright side. I’ll be out of the loop for a few days, hopefully feeling better next week. Wish me luck!