Three poems published

Three of my more esoteric poems have just been published in the Autumn 2018 issue of the speculative poetry journal Illumen!

Speculative poetry explores the outer limits of imagination, whether fantasy, science fiction, horror, or some other alchemical concoction. I love publisher Alban Lake‘s description of what they seek for Illumen:

We want your electric dreams, your fevered nightmares, your tales of magic, the wonder of a new robotic mind, and more.

My poems are deliberately eerie: “The River Beckons” is from the perspective of a river calling to poor Ophelia; “To My Daughter” is a cry from Demeter to Persephone as the mother journeys into hell to reclaim her child; and “The Threshold Machine” was created to solve the problem of communicating how much pain you’re feeling (a poem once described as “Dr. Seuss meets Kafka”).

I’m enjoying my fellow contributors’ poems, interviews, and other delights. Grab your copy of Illumen or, better yet, subscribe!