Veggie pot pie recipe

As a vegetarian, I sometimes adapt recipes to make them veggie-friendly. They also need to be family friendly and easy because I don’t have patience to spend hours in the kitchen. Tall order.

I found Carla Hall’s cornbread skillet pot pie recipe in the October 2017 issue of Redbook magazine. The original calls for chicken, but I substituted frozen seitan strips with good success. This was a little more work than I usually do for a weekday meal (and I added too much lemon zest) but I would try it again! It’s pretty enough to serve to company.

Cornbread skillet pot pie

For the base mixture:

2 Tbsp olive oil

1 Tbsp unsalted butter

1 large onion, finely chopped

2 stalks celery, cut into 1/4 inch pieces

2 carrots, cut into 1/4 inch pieces

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

1/2 cup dry white wine

2 cups vegetable broth

12 sprigs fresh thyme (or 2 teaspoons dried)

3 to 3 1/2 pounds of faux chicken strips or seitan cut into 1-inch pieces

1/2 cup half-and-half

1/2 cup frozen peas

2 Tbsp fresh tarragon, roughly chopped (I used 2 teaspoons dried)

2 tsp lemon zest

For the cornbread:

1 cup all purpose flour

3/4 cup yellow cornmeal

2 Tbsp sugar

1 Tbsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

2 large eggs

2 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted

1/2 cup milk

2 tsp fresh thyme leaves (or 1/2 tsp dried)

  1. Heat oven to 400F. Make the base mixture: Heat the oil and butter in a large cast-iron skillet over medium heat. Once the butter melts, add the onion, season with 1/2 tsp each salt and pepper, and cook, covered, stirring occasionally, 6 minutes. Add the celery and carrots and cook, covered, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are just tender, 6 to 8 minutes. Stir in the garlic and cook 1 minute.
  2. Sprinkle the flour over the vegetables and cook, stirring, 1 minute. Add the wine and cook, stirring, 1 minute. Gradually stir in the broth. Add the thyme sprigs and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer until slightly thickened, 5 to 6 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, make the cornbread batter. In a bowl, whisk together the flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Add the eggs, butter, and milk and mix to combine. Fold in the thyme leaves and 1/2 tsp coarsely cracked pepper.
  4. Add the seitan, half-and-half, peas, tarragon, and lemon zest and 1/2 tsp salt to the skillet and mix to combine.
  5. Remove the thyme sprigs from the mizture and discard. Gently spread the batter over the base mixture, leaving a 1/2 inch border. Bake until golden brown and a toothpick inserted into the cornbread comes out clean, 20 to 25 minutes.


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