I’m a mentee!

I just received word that I was accepted as a mentee to the 2017 RUCCL One-on-One Plus Conference!

The Rutgers Council on Children’s Literature accepts a limited number of applicants for one-on-one mentoring with an author, editor, or agent (and for illustrators, art directors and published illustrators). I love this idea! Forty-five minutes to talk about my work with a professional, receiving feedback and answers to questions. Then participants get to chat with other mentees and mentors at a 5-by-5 discussion where we all share our work with one another. Plus guest speakers Pat Cummings and Kate Dopriak and panel discussions…It sounds wonderful!

I enjoy conferences, but the personal touch of this one really appeals to me. I’m pretty introverted, so mingling is doesn’t always come easily, though I like meeting people. This conference sounds like a perfect balance.

My gratitude to the Council for selecting me. I can’t wait to get to work! Now I need to get some plane tickets!