Coping mechanisms

When I’m stressed out about events beyond my control, I tend to make stuff. Over the past couple weeks leading up to today’s inauguration, I have:

1. Finished a first draft on a new kidlit novel

2. Knitted a Pussyhat for my sister-in-law planning to attend a Women’s March tomorrow

Me modeling the Pussyhat.

3. Made my own seitan, aka “wheat meat,” which is superexpensive at Whole Foods. Used it in Tandoori Seitan, which was a flop, and vegetarian Philly cheesesteaks, which were a hit!

4. Baked banana-nut bread from scratch

5. Made eggnog bread pudding (with rum sauce) from stale sourdough

I have a request for another Pussyhat from my son, plus a stack of books to read and review, and edits to that new novel, poets to respond to, and new recipes to try…

The world out there has gotten pretty scary and intense. For now, I’m in here, creating. And doing lots and lots of yoga. What about you? How do you cope?