Welcome, 2017

Can you believe it’s 2017? Me neither. But I welcome a clear, blank slate to start fresh.

Well, that’s what I’m working toward anyway.

I didn’t really make resolutions, exactly, but I have been following Yoga with Adrienne‘s “Revolution: 31 Days of Yoga.

Today was Day 6, a pretty rigorous core workout, but the episode gives such a great sense of Adrienne’s goofy personality, welcoming attitude toward yoga, and easy, soul-enriching sensibility that I recommend checking it out. And then go back and start from Day 1, a very comfortable and relaxing practice!

I’ve been following Yoga with Adrienne for over a year now, a couple times a week, and I really like her practices. She has tons of videos to choose from, including “pillow yoga” and “yoga for when you’re stressed.” New videos show up every Wednesday, except during January, when she hosts daily practices. (You can check out the previous years’ daily practices, too.)

I’m finding improved strength as well as increased relaxation after practicing at home semi-regularly. I recommend it!

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